Interactive FAIMS-MS publications and citations tool

Published on: 19 Jul 2012, under FAIMS

We have produced a dynamic interactive chart that allows easy comparison of the publication and citation records of the key journals in the FAIMS-MS field. The chart can be modified to display data in bubble, bar or line chart formats. In in each case the x and y axes can be adjusted using the associated drop down menus to show publication year, number of citations, number of publications, total publications and average number of citations per publication. By pressing the ‘play’ button in the bottom left hand of the chart, the evolution of these values with time can be observed. Data can also be visualized by means of color and bubble size (see upper right hand of chart). Bars bubbles and lines can be labelled by journal by ticking the corresponding boxes in the scroll menu located in the bottom right corner of the chart.

Click here for the data

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