Which institutions lead the field in FAIMS-MS research?

Published on 27 Jul 12, under FAIMS

Due to its versatility as an analytical technique, FAIMS-MS technology is used by academic, corporate and government researchers. We have analysed the professional affiliations of authors that have appeared on FAIMS-MS papers and visualized the data in the form of an interactive tree diagram.

The diagram takes the form of a multi-layered area plot. The top layer displays the relative percentages of authors that are affiliated with academic, corporate, government or other research establishments. The percentage of authors affiliated to each institution type are shown as blocks of different size and color. The larger the area of each block the larger the number of authors in that institution type.

If you left-click on one of the top layer blocks the chart will take you to the affiliated area chart that details the institutions involved (for instance if you click the Academic block it will take you to an area chart of Universities). The area of each block depends on the number of FAIMS-MS papers that have been published by authors affiliated to that institution.

To return to the top layer, simply right click on the chart.

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