Ion Mobility Spectrometry Professional Bodies

Published on 22 Oct 12, under FAIMS

We want to draw attention to the existing ion mobility spectrometry professional bodies and interest groups that are out there at the moment.

  • The ISIMS (International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry) is an established society that holds a yearly International conference. The 22nd annual conference takes place in July 2013 (21st - 25th) at Boppard in Germany's picturesque Rhine Valley. Session topics are likely to include fundamentals of IMS, applications of IMS, DMS/FAIMS, biological applications and ionization methods. The deadline for paper titles and authors is 1st April 2013.
  • The American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) host an IMS special interest group and have dedicated IMS and FAIMS sessions at their annual conference.
  • The British Mass Spectrometry Society (BMSS) have recently announced the founding of an Ion Mobility - Mass Spectrometry special interest group. Take a look at the BMSS website for more details

Do you know of any other groups for ion mobility researchers? If so, stick a post on the Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry group on LinkedIn.

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