Announcing the Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry lecture series

Published on: 15 Apr 2013, under Events

Owlstone are hosting a free online webinar given by Colin Creaser, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Loughborough University.

This webinar is the first in a series of talks aiming to provide up-to-date knowledge about the emerging analytical technique of IMS-MS.

Register and attend for free to gain knowledge about:

  • Latest developments using tandem microscale FAIMS & mass spec
  • Metabolite and peptide determination in biofluids
  • Metabolite profiling
  • Monitoring impurities

Microscale FAIMS-MS and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Date/time: Thursday 9th May, 4pm BST

Presenter: Colin Creaser, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Loughborough University, UK

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About the Ion Mobility Mass Spec lecture series

Hosted by Owlstone, this series of talks invites members of the IMS-MS community to share their research, discussing progress and challenges on the way.