15 Predictions for the Future of IMS-MS

Published on 14 Jan 13, under FAIMS


In the 1st edition of our ebook 'Ion Mobility - Mass Spectrometry: The Next 5 Years' we asked contributors to make predictions on the future direction and applications of Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry.

As you'll see, some of the predictions seem more certain than others, with multiple contributors making the same suggestion. Below we have compiled all of the authors opinions into one place. Download our both editions of our ebook to learn more.

  1. Integration of FAIMS/DMS with miniaturized mass spectrometers - Bristow, Nazarov, Fernandez, Hariharan, Blackburn
  2. Solvent vapor doping to enhance separation - Yost, Shvartsburg,López
  3. More use of IMS for Mass Spectrometry imaging -Bristow, Hariss, López, Hariharan
  4. Ongoing increase in the use of IMS/FAIMS/travelling wave - Mass Spectrometry for the analysis of complex biological mixtures (i.e. proteomics, metabolomics etc.) - Bristow, Moritz, López, Vidal-de-Miguel, Hariharan, Bell, Toutoungi, Cooper, Arce, Beach, Evans, Thibault Blackburn
  5. Clinical diagnosis - Bristow, Baumbach, Vidal-de-Miguel, Eiceman, Blackburn
  6. Complementary filtering technology for liquid chromatography - Bell, Toutoungi, Eiceman
  7. Increase in use for separating enantiomers/isomers - Bristow, López, Thibault
  8. Almost real time reaction monitoring using IMS (in a similar way to TLC, HPLC) - Krueger, Gabelica
  9. Coupling IMS to new types of ion sources enabling field analysis without sample prep (e.g. DESI, DART, etc.) - Fernandez, Borsdorf
  10. Replacement of traditional chromatographic techniques with IMS - Dwivedi, Borsdorf, Evans, Ashcroft
  11. Validation of the theory of ionisation processes and ion formation - Vautz
  12. More commercial uses for very fast devices (Owlstone) and very sensitive devices - Purves
  13. 2-D FAIMS-IMS systems - Shvartsburg, Vidal-de-Miguel
  14. Use of IMS for studying protein/supramolecular conformations - Tourné, Evans, Gabelica
  15. Qualitative analysis for quality control in food/agricultural products - Arce

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