ASMS 2017 ultraFAIMS posters

Published on 13 Jun 17, under Events, FAIMS, Science & Research

In case you missed our posters at this years ASMS meeting in Indianapolis, or you just want a copy, we've provided copies here to download and keep.

Breath Analysis with Thermal Desorption-Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry: A Rapid and Non-Invasive Means of Screening for Pulmonary-Related Diseases

Alasdair Edge, Kayleigh Arthur, Lauren Brown, Robert Smith, Owlstone Medical Ltd.

Breath Analysis with ReCIVA and TD-FAIMS-MS - ASMS 2017


The development of an LC-FAIMS-MS metabolomics workflow: a new tool for untargeted metabolite profiling to diagnose disease

Lauren Brown, Kayleigh Arthur, Alasdair Edge, Aditya Malkar and Paul Nasca, Owlstone Medical Ltd.

Metabolomics with ultraFAIMS - ASMS 2017 poster


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Add ultraFAIMS to your mass spectrometerultraFAIMS

Add ion mobility to existing mass spectrometers to provide in-source separation of ions

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Add ion mobility to your mass spectrometer to provide in-source ion separation

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