Associate Informatician

None, United Kingdom

As associate informatician, your main role is to support programmes and departments via data processing and data analysis of mass spectrometry data for biological samples used for biomarker discovery and validation.

Key Tasks / Accountabilities

  • Process and analyse quantitative GC mass spectrometry metabolomics data for untargeted and targeted metabolomics studies.
  • Understand quantitative metabolomics workflows and data structure to efficiently integrate and/or develop automated data acquisition, processing, analysis and visualization protocols, with appropriate infrastructure and pipeline management tools.
  • Combine open-source and/or commercially available software tools for enabling metabolites identification & annotation in biological samples.
  • Collaborate effectively with biologists, statisticians and data scientists to design and deliver robust and impactful metabolomics studies, via data processing and analysis. This could include analysis of metabolomics data in conjunction with other data types.



The following competencies form the core strength of the information science department, you will have a working knowledge of the below competencies, and will be able to apply them in non-complex situations under supervision.

  • Data processing -The ability to conduct, objective, logical, and systematic method of data processing of samples of interests to permit the accumulation of reliable knowledge.
  • Data Management- Understanding the pertinency of the data collection, data entry and verification process and data management systems
  • Dissemination of Findings – The ability to report results using the various dissemination formats available for different target audiences. Understands the importance of clear communication adapted in a manner suitable for the audience
  • Analysis – Has the ability to perform routine and non-routine analysis and understands when the applied data processing and data analysis methods are fit for purposeand what associated quality controls are requested to grant high-quality data production.
  • Critical evaluation of data – Has the ability to evaluate and ensure the accuracy of data as well as spot real and non-real trends to provide an answer with confidence limits to either fulfil a customer contract or research question
  • Documentation - Has the ability to write high-quality documentation and able to clearly record procedures and processes to allow standardisation and dissemination of knowledge across the company
  • Responsibility - Has a relevant understanding of the responsibilities associated with the professional, ethical, legal and security aspects of informatics data in the workplace

Education and Training

  • BSc / MSc, or equivalent, in metabolomics, analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, computer science or the life sciences

Experience / Knowledge


  • Experience with common software packages for data processing of metabolomics data (e.g. Thermo Compound Discoverer, Thermo Chromeleon, XC-MS, Agilent Mass Hunter Quant, Agilent MPP etc).
  • Basic understanding of chemistry, biology, cell biology, and human physiology.


  • Experience in structural elucidation based on mass spectrometry data would be an advantage.
  • demonstrated experience in these key areas: mass-spectrometry based -omics, multivariate and/or high dimensional data analysis (-omics) would be an advantage.
  • Some experience or a strong will to learn relevant coding languages such as Python or R.
  • SQL/NoSQL databasing, networked and cloud-based systems, software versioning tools (e.g. Git/Github) would be an advantage.
  • Experience in other molecular profiling technologies (e.g. NGS) or multi-omics would be an advantage

Professional Skills

  • Ability to follow procedures accurately
  • Able to perform repetitive tasks to a consistent standard
  • High attention to detail
  • Flexible approach to changing priorities
  • Good data entry skills
  • Ability to work and communicate well within a team


About Owlstone Medical

Owlstone Medical ( is on a mission to save 100,000 lives and $1.5 billion in healthcare costs through the development and application of Breath Biopsy®. This involves collecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and respiratory droplets from breath, which can provide information about the metabolic activity and markers related to health and disease.

Breath sampling has substantial advantages for the early detection of disease and to enable precision medicine approaches to patient care. To realize these advantages, Owlstone Medical offers Research Products and Services for biomarker discovery and is developing tests in applications including cancer, liver disease, asthma, and environmental exposure. Our work includes partnerships with major organizations including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, the Cleveland Clinic, and the NHS and our platform is in use at well over 100 clinical and academic sites worldwide.

Our leadership in-breath is underpinned by our world-class and varied team, including systems engineers, clinical scientists, analytical chemists, artificial intelligence specialists and clinical trials coordinators.

The Owlstone group also commercializes a range of highly innovative products based on its proprietary FAIMS chemical sensing technology in other markets including Scientific, Industrial Process Control, Military and Homeland Defense.

We offer a relaxed, friendly, flexible and international working environment with a strong and vibrant team-spirit. You will be rewarded with a competitive salary package that includes an Employee share options scheme and private medical insurance and your work will have a clear impact on people’s lives. If you want to experience the buzz of a thriving start-up company set to succeed on a global scale, Owlstone Medical could be the place for you.

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