Head of Product Management

Cambridge, UK

Owlstone Medical are excited to be looking for a new position of Head of Product Management to join our growing team. The role, reporting directly to the CEO, will incorporate the following responsibilities:

  • Overall responsibility for the success of all products in the Owlstone portfolio throughout their lifecycle (i.e. from concept to end-of-life)
  • Understanding the market needs and identifying where Owlstone can profitably satisfy those needs
  • Analysing how the competition are addressing market needs and identifying gaps and opportunities
  • Developing the product strategy and product roadmap (based on inputs from internal and external stakeholders)
  • Translating the product roadmap into detailed product requirements which Owlstone can develop against
  • Building and continually updating credible product/project business cases
  • Acting as the product champion and go-to expert to ensure the company continues to execute the Roadmap and project plans. Ensuring seamless introduction of all new products
  • Understanding, articulating and representing the whole (end-to-end) customer User Experience (UX), and validating that understanding by User Testing (UT)
  • Ongoing product support and maintenance for the full Product Life Cycle including end-of-life management

Product Management Life Cycle Responsibilities:

  • Gathering business intelligence/data from a wide range of sources
  • Benchmarking competitor products
  • Frequent analysis of the market, competitors, customers, products etc.
  • Creating and communicating the product vision and strategy to all stakeholders, gaining commitment
  • Responsibility for the Product Roadmap profitability, addressing and identifying needs internally and with key stakeholders and opinion leaders, taking overall responsibility for the success of the product
  • Creating detailed Market Requirement Specification (MRS) for each product on the Roadmap
  • Assisting the Project Manager to kick off the projects/programmes and actively supporting the product creation process (whilst being the voice of the customer in the project)
  • Being the Product Champion - inspiring and enthusing colleagues and users of the product via product training, webinars, newsletters etc
  • Creating and executing product launch plans
  • Creating the Marketing plan(s) (with associated budget)
  • Responsible for creating and executing plans from product documentation, marketing collateral and communication
  • Managing product support and maintenance for the full Product Life Cycle - collecting analysing and responding to user feedback; managing updates and enhancements; dealing with customer complaints and end of life management
  • Setting the strategic direction of the marketing team


Stakeholder Management

  • Persuasiveness - an ability to influence internal and external stakeholders, whilst understanding and resolving any potential objections or concerns.
  • Transparency - an open and transparent attitude to your work, with the ability to explain the prioritisation decisions you make

Team Building, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Experienced in leading and developing a growing team within and R&D setting
  • An empathetic approach to understanding the customers' and internal stakeholders' requirements to guide projects and make the best decisions for the business

Strategic Vision and Planning

  • A thorough understanding of Owlstone Medical's market, including industry experience, potential customer base and regulatory frameworks
  • Experience of working within a rapidly growing scientific organisation
  • Evidence of extensive risk management skills and the ability to direct the product development team when presented with technical risks
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with experience of extracting information from a broad range of people and organisations.
  • The ability to critically reason (i.e. analysing inputs, identifying trends, etc) and using this information to create robust and high quality decisions
  • Find creative and novel solutions to understanding data and trends
  • Proven financial experience of creating viable business cases then managing associated budgets, pricing and profit margins
  • Strategic thinking - the ability to see beyond what customers say they need and thus lead the market

Product Specification

  • Data gathering - experience of extracting data from multiple locations, with the ability to separate inputs based on evidence, and those on opinions
  • An ability to analyse inputs and identify trends, then build a robust case for your decisions
  • Creativity - using data and trends to identify novel solutions
  • Prioritisation - you will be able to make good choices (from sometimes conflicting needs of customers and other key stakeholders), to ensure the best use of limited resources


  • A customer focused approach, with an understanding of our audiences and their needs
  • Experienced and knowledgable in marketing strategies and tactics
  • Understanding of sales, marketing and on-going product support processes
  • Experience of down stream marketing
  • Technical Authoring skills - proven experience of creating complex documents that clearly articulate requirements and instructions, including press releases
  • A passion to integrate the product and marketing functions


  • Skilled in leadership and staff development
  • A result driven attitude, with a natural determination to deliver
  • Broad business and technical skills to ensure you have credibility from a wide range of people
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with an ability to farm information from a range of stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Communication - an ability to articulate the decisions based on large volumes of inputs and analysis in a coherent fashion to all internal and external stakeholders, ensuring you are the voice of the customer within projects
  • An evidence-based decision maker, with the decisiveness to make educations decisions in complex situations
  • A supportive leader that enables independent development within their team

About Owlstone

Owlstone Medical has developed a breathalyzer for disease www.owlstonemedical.com

Every time you breathe out there are hundreds of chemicals on your breath - some are tell-tale markers of disease that our microchip chemical sensor technology is able to detect.

Our vision is to change the way we currently diagnose and monitor serious disease; we aim to become the global leader in the non-invasive detection of cancer, infectious disease and inflammatory disease. The key is detecting diseases earlier, when treatments are more effective, where more lives can be saved. There is no better example than cancer, where if detected early the chances of survival can be as good at 95% but at late stage drop to about 5% - unfortunately there are still far too many people detected at late stage.

The Owlstone group also commercialises a range of highly innovative products based on its proprietary FAIMS chemical sensing technology in other markets including Scientific, Industrial Process Control, Military and Homeland Defence.

We offer a relaxed, friendly, flexible and international working environment with a great team-spirit. You will be rewarded with a competitive salary package that includes future share options and your work will have a clear impact on people’s lives. If you want to experience the buzz of an expanding company set to succeed on a global scale, Owlstone may be the place for you.

We do not accept applications from agencies outside of our preferred supplier list. If you are concerned that your application has not been received by Owlstone Medical, please contact us using careers@owlstone.co.uk

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