ChemCareers 2021: Careers in health diagnostics

Digital, 16 Jun 2021

Aadi at ChemCareers 2021: Careers in health diagnostics

Date: 16th June

Time: 12:30-13:30 BST

Panelist: Dr Aditya Malkar

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We will be participating in the 'ChemCareers 2021: Careers in health diagnostics', an event by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

This live webinar will explore the various careers within the healthcare diagnostics sector. The webinar is relevant to all chemical scientists, particularly undergraduate students. 

Dr Aditya Malkar, Product Manager at Owlstone Medical, will talk about his role, the work he does, the challenges he has faced in the past, and the skills required for his career. Aditya obtained his PhD on Ion-Mobility and Mass Spectrometry driven Metabolomics from Loughborough University, before he joined Owlstone as a Senior Applications Chemist. During his time in Owlstone Medical, Aditya has also worked as a Product Specialist and a Sales Development Manager.


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