NEDMDG Summer Symposium

12 Jun 2019

Owlstone Medical is excited to be attending the New England Drug Metabolism Discussion Group Summer Symposium being held at the Merck Research Laboratories in Boston on the 12th of June 2019.

Howard Kartstein, Senior Business Development Manager at Owlstone Medical, will be presneting a poster titled 'Measuring liver function and activity of metabolic enzymes with Breath Biopsy and EVOC probes'.


75% of drugs are metabolized by four CYP450 enzymes in the liver and the capacity of these enzymes can significantly impact drug efficacy. As such, drug dosage must be attuned to the individual metabolism of a patient. While pharmacogenomic approaches can determine individual metabolizer genotypes, this only gives an indirect read-out of true metabolic rate, which can be influenced by other factors.

Breath Biopsy® offers a potential non-invasive way to assess metabolic activities and metabolizer phenotypes in vivo by using exogenous volatile organic compound (EVOC) Probes.

EVOC® Probes are volatile compounds that, when administered orally, undergo metabolism and - due to rapid exchange of metabolites between blood and breath in the lungs - are excreted via breath. By examining the underlying biology and associated enzymatic pathways, EVOC Probes that interact with those pathways in a meaningful and dose-dependent way can be identified. The kinetics of metabolism and subsequent breath excretion of the EVOC Probe, or of its products, could then be used as a readout of the metabolic activity of specific enzymes, such as the CYP450 enzymes.

Owlstone Medical is exploring the development of a Breath Biopsy test using EVOC Probes that are metabolized by the same CYP450 enzymes that process medications. By administering one or more EVOC Probes, and measuring breath VOC levels, we aim to investigate the utility of this approach to build patient-specific ADME profiles relevant to specific enzymatic pathways. Using Breath Biopsy EVOC Probes to measure an individual’s metabolizer phenotype in vivo has the potential to improve drug development and treatment by enhancing predictive assessment of drug metabolism.


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