Thermo Fisher Scientific Mass Spec Users Meeting

Digital, Digital, 22-24 Sep 2020

As part of our collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific we will be presenting at the Thermo Fisher Scientific Mass Spec Users Meeting.

Dr. Antonio Murgia, Applications Chemist at Owlstone Medical, will be presenting 'Breath Biopsy assessment of liver disease using simultaneous targeted VOC analysis and untargeted VOC discovery from the same breath samples'. The webinar will be on Tuesday 22nd at 14:30 BST. Register through this link to watch the webinar.

Presentation synopsis:

In recent years there has been an increase in use of high-resolution, accurate mass mass spectrometry (HRAM MS) for quantitative analyses. When analysing in full mass range scan mode both quantitative and qualitative analyses can be performed using the same instrument, here we show a working example of this dual-purpose approach in breath analysis.

Breath were collected from 46 individuals with cirrhosis and 42 healthy controls onto sorbent tubes (Markes int.) containing Tenax TA and Carbograph 5TD for a wide range of chemicals (C4-C30), using ReCIVA® Breath Sampler combined with a CASPER Portable Air Supply to reduce ambient contamination. Volatiles were desorbed using a thermal desorber (TD-100 XR) which was interfaced to a GC (Trace 1310) and Q Exactive GC Orbitrap, our Breath Biopsy platform.

Absolute quantification of breath limonene, an exogenous volatile organic compound (VOC) introduced with the diet, in a targeted design showed elevated levels in the breath of cirrhotic patients, consistent with previous findings. Simultaneous untargeted discovery on the same samples identified other discriminatory molecular features with potential as breath biomarker for cirrhosis. Our data demonstrate   that a dual-purpose targeted and untargeted experimental design can be applied on breath for the extraction of clinically relevant information related to hypothesis testing and new biomarker discovery. 

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