Prof. Colin Creaser

Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Loughborough University


Prof Colin Creaser was educated in Uganda and in the UK, at Lancing College and the University of Kent, where he received his BSc and PhD degrees. He has held appointments as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California at Santa Barbara; Senior Scientific Officer at the AEA Harwell laboratory; Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at the University of East Anglia and Professor of Analytical Chemistry/Head of the Department of Chemistry and Physics/University Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies at Nottingham Trent University.

In 2007, Colin moved to his present appointment at Loughborough University as Professor of Analytical Chemistry. His research group is based in the Centre for Analytical Science, which is associated with the Department of Chemistry. Research in the group is directed towards the development of novel instrumental techniques and methods using mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry and combined ion mobility-mass spectrometry.

In recent years, the group has collaborated with Owlstone in the development of ultraFAIMS-MS instrumentation and applications, including combining electrospray, desorption electrospray and extractive/secondary electrospray ion sources with FAIMS-MS and the application of these techniques to the analysis of peptides, proteins, pharmaceuticals, potentially genotoxic impurities, metabolites, steroids and petroleum products. Current interest is in the use of ultraFAIMS-MS for targeted and untargeted metabolic profiling and metabolomics, particularly related to biomarker discovery and validation.

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