Dr. Robert Mohney

Head of Customer Biomarker Services

Rob Mohney Headshot


Robert Mohney’s scientific career spans >30 years in the biomedical and translational sciences.  He has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a PhD in Neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University.  An underlying theme of his scientific work has been to understand the drivers of disease phenotypes and to exploit this information for early disease detection and therapeutic intervention.  He has extensive experience with biotechnology companies that have developed state-of-the-art technologies and applications for small molecule screening (Amphora Discovery), biochemical profiling for biomarker discovery and clinical metabolomics (Metabolon), and non-invasive profiling of on-breath volatile metabolites for early disease detection and precision medicine (Owlstone Medical).  Prior to joining Owlstone Medical, Rob was VP of Discovery and Translational Sciences at Metabolon, where he led a team of 20+ biochemists and biologists engaged in metabolic phenotyping and biomarker discovery.  He joined Owlstone in 2019 and is currently the Head of Customer Biomarker Services.

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