Dr Robert Rintoul

Lead clinician for thoracic oncology, Papworth Hospital


Dr Robert Rintoul is the lead clinician for thoracic oncology at Papworth Hospital. In collaboration with Professor Sir Bruce Ponder and Professor Tim Eisen in Cambridge, he is building a programme of translational studies and clinical trials in pre-neoplasia and early stage lung cancer.

Dr Rintoul is a Principal Investigator for the UK Lung Cancer Screening Study (UKLS) in which Papworth is collaborating with Professor John Field of the University of Liverpool. UKLS has recently successfully completed recruitment of 2000 participants at Papworth. Dr Rintoul is a member of the NCRI Lung Clinical Studies Group (CSG) as well as being Chair of the Lung CSG Screening and Early Diagnosis subgroup. He was recently a member of the NICE Lung Cancer Guidelines Development Group.

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