Dr. Russell Parris

Head of Analytical Science

Russell Parris Head of Chemistry at Owlstone


Russell joined Owlstone in 2005 as Chief Applications Officer and was responsible for setting up Owlstone’s analytical capability for testing and characterization of its products. Within this role, Russell worked alongside the commercial team to formulate business cases for deployable applications using Owlstone’s FAIMS-based products across multiple industries, such as life sciences, oil and gas, defence and food and beverages.

From 2008, as Head of Chemistry, Russell concentrated on developing and leading a world-class team of scientists, to develop viable applications for all of Owlstone’s products across multiple industries. His team also supported Owlstone’s international customers in the deployment of products and applications and their continued use.

In 2016 Russell’s role adapted to ensure his Department's capability could meet the evolving business needs of Owlstone Medical. This resulted in him focusing on upskilling current members whilst broadening the team's expertise with the addition of new hires. To meet changing business needs, in 2020 Russell created and took the lead of a new Analytical Science Department, that values and cultivates the symbiotic nature of its member's development and Owlstone Medicals' success.

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