Angie Davina Tjandra at the Breath Biopsy Conference 2022

(17 mins) EARLY CAREERS: Polydiacetylene-based colorimetric sensor array for rapid volatile organic compounds detection to diagnose early lung cancer


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Talk Abstract:

Cancer is the leading cause of global deaths and early diagnosis is known to improve survival rate. However, current screening tests such as imaging, biopsies, blood, and chromatography are expensive, bulky, invasive and require extensive experts involvement. Polydiacetylene (PDA) is a class of conjugated polymers with unique optical properties and exhibits blue-to-red colorimetric transition that can be monitored by the naked eye. PDA as colorimetric sensors has great potential to overcome the inherent limitations of current volatile organic compound (VOC) measurement techniques by enabling simple and low-cost qualitative and quantitative VOC detection.

This work presents the potential of PDA-based colorimetric sensor array (CSA) to detect VOC lung cancer biomarkers (e.g. ethylbenzene, 2-ethyl-2-hexanol, hexanal, 2-butanone, undecane). Responses against common breath interferents including acetone, isoprene and ethanol were also evaluated. All sensors were evaluated within normal breath conditions at 35°C and relative humidity of 60% and 90% to ensure that color changes were not due to temperature change and water interferents. Pattern recognition can be used to identify outcomes to predict the likelihood of lung cancer.

Speaker Biography:
Angie Davina Tjandra commenced her Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2019 at the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW under the supervision of Scientia A/Prof Chandrawati, Prof Maria Kavallaris and Scientia Prof Justin Gooding. Angie is a Scientia PhD candidate and her work focuses on developing colorimetric sensors for early cancer detection from the breath. She graduated with a B.Eng (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) from University of Sydney with Hons I & The University Medal. Prior to commencing her PhD, Angie has acquired skills and experience in diverse fields including 3D cell culture and bioprinting, yeast manufacturing & fermentation, membrane technology, and wastewater treatment. In the last 8 years, she has worked under the supervision of many prominent academics in the field, including Scientia Prof Rose Amal, A/Prof Jason Scott, Prof Cyrille Boyer, A/Prof John Kavanagh, Prof Tim Langrish.

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