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Breath analysis by two-dimensional gas chromatography with dualflame ionisation and mass spectrometric detection – Method optimisation and integration within a large-scale clinical study

By Michael J. Wilde, Rebecca L. Cordell, Dahlia Salman, Bo Zhao, Wadah Ibrahim, Luke Bryant, Dorota Ruszkiewicz, Amisha Singapuri, Robert C. Free, Erol A. Gaillard, Caroline Beardsmore, C.L. Paul Thomas, Chris E. Brightling, Salman Siddiqui, and Paul S. Monks


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Relationship between Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath determined by PTR-TOF-MS, clinical characteristics and airway inflammation in COPD

L. Carr, L. Bryant, A. Yousuf, R. Cordell, M. Wilde, S. Siddiqui, P. Monks, C. Brightling

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What is Pharmacobreathomics?


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Breath Biopsy Discovery VOC Services

Owlstone Medical's Services for Comprehensive Analysis of VOC Biomarkers in Breath.


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Clinical Omics - Validating VOCs: Owlstone Medical Tests Breath, Urine for Cancer Biomarkers in Clinical Trial

Interview with CEO Billy Boyle and Prof. Ramesh Arasaradnam about InTERCEPT

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STRATA infographic

Stratification of Asthma Treatment by Breath Analysis - Owlstone Medical


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Targeted breath analysis: exogenous volatile organic compounds (EVOC) as targeted metabolic probes in Breath Biopsy

Billy Boyle at Breath Biopsy Conference 2018

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Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology - Breath Diagnostics

by Marc van der Schee and Theo Wilson


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