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Targeted breath analysis: exogenous volatile organic compounds (EVOC®) as metabolic pathway-specific probes

by Edoardo Gaude, Morad K Nahkleh, Stefano Patassini, Japser Boschmans, Max Allsworth, Billy Boyle, Marc van der Schee


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Measuring Liver Function and Activity of Metabolic Enzymes with Breath Biopsy® and EVOC® Probes

By Edoardo Gaude, Stefano Patassini, Jasper Boschmans, Morad K Nakhleh, Max Allsworth, Billy Boyle, Marc vaan der Schee

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What is Pharmacobreathomics?


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Breath Biopsy Kits Information Sheet

Information about Owlstone Medical's Breath Biopsy Kits


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BBCon19 Final Programme

Final Breath Biopsy Conference 2019 Programme


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STRATA infographic

Stratification of Asthma Treatment by Breath Analysis - Owlstone Medical


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A new approach to Breath Biopsy using TD-GC-Orbitrap

Kayleigh Arthur at the 2019 Breath Biopsy Conference

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Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology - Breath Diagnostics

by Marc van der Schee and Theo Wilson


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