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Evaluation of a standardized collection device for exhaled breath sampling onto thermal desorption tubes

by Sean W. Harshman, Rhonda L. Pitsch, Christina N. Davidson, Erica M. Lee, Alexander M. Scott, Elizabeth M. Hill, Paras Mainali, Zachary E. Brooks, Kraig E. Strayer, Nicole M. Schaeublin, Taylor L. Wiens, Michael C. Brothers, Leslie A. Drummond, Dirk P. Yamamoto, Jennifer A. Martin

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Measuring Liver Function and Activity of Metabolic Enzymes with Breath Biopsy® and EVOC® Probes

By Edoardo Gaude, Stefano Patassini, Jasper Boschmans, Morad K Nakhleh, Max Allsworth, Billy Boyle, Marc vaan der Schee

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What is Pharmacobreathomics?


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Breath Biopsy Kits Information Sheet

Information about Owlstone Medical's Breath Biopsy Kits


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ReCIVA Disinfection Protocol

Guidance on disinfecting ReCIVA between and following breath collections to avoid the risk of transmission between test subjects.


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STRATA infographic

Stratification of Asthma Treatment by Breath Analysis - Owlstone Medical


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A new approach to Breath Biopsy using TD-GC-Orbitrap

Kayleigh Arthur at the 2019 Breath Biopsy Conference

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Breath Biopsy with TD-GC-Orbitrap: a non-invasive approach for disease detection

by Dominic Roberts, Cristian Cojocariu, Kayleigh Arthur, Jonathan Lawson - Thermo Fisher Scientific whitepaper

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