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Exhaled breath biopsy: a new cancer detection paradigm

by Balkees Abderrahman


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Exhaled Breath Analysis: A Tool For Exposomics – Determining Smoking Status Using VOC Biomarkers

by Stefano Patassini, Mike O’Neill, David Layton, Elisabeth Krizek, Giovanna De Palo, Megan Williams, Yichen [Kelly] Chen, Theodore W. Wilson, William Murch and Max Allsworth

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What is Pharmacobreathomics?


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Breath Biopsy Discovery VOC Services

Owlstone Medical's Services for Comprehensive Analysis of VOC Biomarkers in Breath.


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Clinical Omics - Validating VOCs: Owlstone Medical Tests Breath, Urine for Cancer Biomarkers in Clinical Trial

Interview with CEO Billy Boyle and Prof. Ramesh Arasaradnam about InTERCEPT

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STRATA infographic

Stratification of Asthma Treatment by Breath Analysis - Owlstone Medical


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Targeted breath analysis: exogenous volatile organic compounds (EVOC®) as targeted metabolic probes in Breath Biopsy

Billy Boyle at Breath Biopsy Conference 2018

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Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology - Breath Diagnostics

by Marc van der Schee and Theo Wilson


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