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Pre-analytical and analytical variables that influence urinary volatile organic compound measurements

by Michael McFarlane, Ella Mozdiak, Emma Daulton, Ramesh Arasaradnam, James Covington, Chuka Nwokolo

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Developing an LC-FAIMS-MS strategy for non-targeted urinary metabolomic studies

By Katarzyna M. Szykuła, Matthew A. Turner, Colin S. Creaser and James C. Reynolds

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Direct analysis and mass spec imaging: Applications of ultraFAIMS

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Non-invasive Clinical Biomarker Discovery and Development with the Breath Biopsy® OMNI Assay

A 47 minute introductory webinar presented by Robert Mohney, examining the applications of Breath Biopsy and our new RUO Panel for Respiratory Disease research.

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ultraFAIMS: A New Dimension in Mass Spectrometry

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Frequently asked questions about ultraFAIMS


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ultraFAIMS technical specifications

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Mass Spectrometry 'Omics Applications

Detect three times more features in 'omics applications with LC-ultraFAIMS-MS


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