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Editorial: Driving progress in exhaled breath biomarkers: Breath Biopsy Conference 2019

A summary of the 2019 Breath Biopsy Conference by Jonathan Lawson, Billy Boyle and Jonathan Beauchamp published in the Journal of Breath Research

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ReCIVA Disinfection Protocol

Guidance on disinfecting ReCIVA between and following breath collections to avoid the risk of transmission between test subjects.


BBCon19 Final Programme

Final Breath Biopsy Conference 2019 Programme


Breath Biopsy Services Video

Integrate Breath Biopsy into Your Clinical Trial

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Clinical Omics - Validating VOCs: Owlstone Medical Tests Breath, Urine for Cancer Biomarkers in Clinical Trial

Interview with CEO Billy Boyle and Prof. Ramesh Arasaradnam about InTERCEPT

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Frequently asked questions about ReCIVA

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Can New Wave Of Tests Finally Nail Early Diagnosis Of Lung Cancer?

Medtech Insight Article

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Frequently asked questions about ultraFAIMS


A Comparison of the 3 Main Forms of Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Learn more about the main types of IMS

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Every Breath You Take

Cambridge Business interview with CEO Billy Boyle

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