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Breath Biopsy OMNI – Example Dataset

This dataset provides an example of the data generated from samples of human breath VOCs by Breath Biopsy OMNI. It illustrates the kind of feature table that is provided as a basic output from Breath Biopsy studies.


Collaborating to develop new asthma diagnostics

Spotlight on the collaboration between University of Manchester and Owlstone Medical to help identify breath-based biomarkers that could help to diagnose asthma and personalize treatment for patients. This case study is on Page 19/20, of a larger supplement about their work partnering with industry that's been produced by the University of Manchester.


Nature Biotechnology: Diagnostics to take your breath away

After decades of research and development, devices for detecting infectious agents in breath are finally maturing, with SARS-CoV-2 galvanizing progress. Carrie Arnold reports.


Igniting innovation: The case for supporting UK deep tech chemistry

A report from the Royal Society of Chemistry that highlight the unique contribution of innovative deep tech SMEs and reveals the challenges and barriers they face in turning research and development (R&D) into real-world applications. This report features a case study on Owlstone Medical on page 10.

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Introducing Owlstone Medical - Breath Biopsy for Non-invasive Biomarkers

A two-minute introduction to Owlstone Medical


Owlstone Medical's Breath Biopsy Laboratory

Take a tour inside our Breath Biopsy Laboratory


Interpreting Breath Biopsy Study Data

An Introduction to common data visualizations used in breath research and how they can be interpreted and presented.


Editorial: Driving progress in exhaled breath biomarkers: Breath Biopsy Conference 2019

A summary of the 2019 Breath Biopsy Conference by Jonathan Lawson, Billy Boyle and Jonathan Beauchamp published in the Journal of Breath Research

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ReCIVA Disinfection Protocol

Guidance on disinfecting ReCIVA between and following breath collections to avoid the risk of transmission between test subjects.


BBCon19 Final Programme

Final Breath Biopsy Conference 2019 Programme

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