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Clinical Omics - Validating VOCs: Owlstone Medical Tests Breath, Urine for Cancer Biomarkers in Clinical Trial

Interview with CEO Billy Boyle and Prof. Ramesh Arasaradnam about InTERCEPT

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Frequently asked questions about ReCIVA

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Can New Wave Of Tests Finally Nail Early Diagnosis Of Lung Cancer?

Medtech Insight Article

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Frequently asked questions about ultraFAIMS


A Comparison of the 3 Main Forms of Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Learn more about the main types of IMS

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Every Breath You Take

Cambridge Business interview with CEO Billy Boyle

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'Unicorn hunt' article in The Spectator

Owlstone tipped as a unicorn in The Spectator

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High hopes for disease breathalyzer

Article in The Pathologist

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Lung cancer breathalyzer in UK clinical trials

Reuters video

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