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  • Breath Biopsy Discovery of Biomarkers for Lung Cancer in Former Smokers

    By Chad Schaber, Owen Birch, Christiaan Labuschagne, Marc van der Schee, Billy Boyle, Renelle Myers, Stephen Lam

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  • Exhaled Breath Analysis: A Tool For Exposomics – Determining Smoking Status Using VOC Biomarkers

    by Stefano Patassini, Mike O’Neill, David Layton, Elisabeth Krizek, Giovanna De Palo, Megan Williams, Yichen [Kelly] Chen, Theodore W. Wilson, William Murch and Max Allsworth

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  • The Development of an LC-FAIMS-MS Metabolomics Workflow and its Application to the Discrimination of Benign from Malignant Renal Cell Masses

    By Alasdair Edge, Grant Stewart, Kayleigh Arthur, Lauren Brown, Chris Hodkinson, Aditya Malkar, Paul Nasca and Marc van der Schee

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  • Towards the non-invasive detection of colorectal cancer: The role of electronic noses (E-nose) and Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (FAIMS)

    By Westenbrink E, Arasaradnam RP, O’Connell N, Bayley C, Nwokolo C, Harmston C, Bardhan KD, Covington J.

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