• Centralized Analysis Of Multi-Centre Exhaled Breath Samples By The U-BIOPRED Platform Of eNoses - Proof Of Concept

    Paul Brinkman, Ariane H. Wagener, A. H. Zwinderman, M Santonico, G. Pennazza, A D'Amico, Stephen J. Fowler, H H. Knobel, T J. Vink, Paolo Montusch, J. Corfield, Ratko Djukanovic, C Auffray, A. Rowe, Peter J. Sterk, F H.C. De Jongh

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  • Exhaled Breath Profiling And Eosinophilic Airway Inflammation In Asthma - Results Of A Pilot Study

    Ariane H. Wagener, Paul Brinkman, A H. Zwinderman, A D'Amico, G Pennazza, M Santonico, Stephen J. Fowler, A. Rowe, Paolo Montuschi, Kian Fan Chung, Ratko Djukanovic, A R. Sousa, C Auffray, J Corfield, Xian Yang, Y Guo, Peter J. Sterk

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  • Fast Reaction Monitoring of Reductive Amination using Chip-Based FAIMS-MS

    By Lauren Brown, Céline Lainé, Danielle Toutoungi, Shelly Li, Gilles Goetz, Guilong Charles Cheng, ASMS 2013

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  • Advances in Chip-based FAIMS/Triple Quadrupole MS: Instrumental Studies and Analytical Capabilities

    By Richard A. Yost, Christopher R. Beekman, Chia-Wei Tsai, Michael Ugarov and George Stafford

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  • Direct Analysis of Potentially Genotoxic Impurities in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients using Miniaturized Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry

    By James C. Reynolds, Robert W. Smith, Sze-Ling Lee, C.L. Paul Thomas and Colin S. Creaser

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  • Enhanced selectivity in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of peptides using in-source fragmentation of FAIMS-selected ions combined with LC-MS

    By Lauren J. Brown, Danielle E. Toutoungi, James C. Reynolds, Anthony W. T. Bristow, Andrew Ray, Ashley Sage, Daniel J. Weston, Ian Wilson, Billy Boyle, Colin S. Creaser

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  • In-source fragmentation of FAIMS-selected ions in combination with time-of-flight mass spectrometry

    By Lauren J. Brown, Robert W. Smith, Danielle E. Toutoungi, James C. Reynolds, Anthony Bristow, Andrew Ray, Ashley Sage, Daniel J. Weston, Ian Wilson, Billy Boyle and Colin S. Creaser

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  • Demonstration of FAIMS-MS Separation on Chromatographic Timescales

    By Danielle Toutoungi and Michael V. Ugarov

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