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Exhaled breath biopsy: a new cancer detection paradigm

by Balkees Abderrahman


Breath analysis by two-dimensional gas chromatography with dualflame ionisation and mass spectrometric detection – Method optimisation and integration within a large-scale clinical study

By Michael J. Wilde, Rebecca L. Cordell, Dahlia Salman, Bo Zhao, Wadah Ibrahim, Luke Bryant, Dorota Ruszkiewicz, Amisha Singapuri, Robert C. Free, Erol A. Gaillard, Caroline Beardsmore, C.L. Paul Thomas, Chris E. Brightling, Salman Siddiqui, and Paul S. Monks


Mass spectrometry analysis of mixed breath, isolated bronchial breath and gastric endoluminal volatile fatty acids in oesophagogastric cancer

By Mina E Adam, Matyas Fehervari, Piers R Boshier, Sung-Tong Chin, Geng-Ping Lin, Andrea Romano, Sacheen Kumar, and George B Hanna


Profile of exhaled-breath volatile organic compounds to diagnose pancreatic cancer

By S. R. Markar , B. Brodie, S.-T. Chin, A. Romano, D. Spalding and G. B. Hanna


Cross-platform mass spectrometry annotation in breathomics of oesophageal-gastric cancer

By Sung-Tong Chin, Andrea Romano, Sophie L. F. Doran and George B. Hanna


Optimisation of sampling parameters for standardised exhaled breath sampling

By Sophie L F Doran, Andrea Romano and George B Hanna


A European Respiratory Society technical standard: exhaled biomarkers in lung disease

by Ildiko Horváth, Peter J. Barnes, Stelios Loukides, Peter J. Sterk, Marieann Högman, Anna-Carin Olin, Anton Amann, Balazs Antus, Eugenio Baraldi, Andras Bikov, Agnes W. Boots, Lieuwe D. Bos, Paul Brinkman, Caterina Bucca, Giovanna E. Carpagnano, Massimo Corradi, Simona Cristescu, Johan C. de Jongste, Anh-Tuan Dinh-Xuan, Edward Dompeling, Niki Fens, Stephen Fowler, Jens M. Hohlfeld, Olaf Holz, Quirijn Jöbsis, Kim Van De Kant, Hugo H. Knobel, Konstantinos Kostikas, Lauri Lehtimäki, Jon Lundberg, Paolo Montuschi, Alain Van Muylem, Giorgio Pennazza, Petra Reinhold, Fabio L.M. Ricciardolo, Philippe Rosias, Marco Santonico, Marc P. van der Schee, Frederik-Jan van Schooten, Antonio Spanevello, Thomy Tonia and Teunis J. Vink

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The application of FAIMS gas analysis in medical diagnostics

By J. A. Covington, M. P. van der Schee, A. S. L. Edge, B. Boyle, R. S. Savage, R. P. Arasaradnam, Analyst, 2015

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Review article: next generation diagnostic modalities in gastroenterology – gas phase volatile compound biomarker detection

By R. P. Arasaradnam, J. A. Covington, C. Harmston, C. U. Nwokolo, Wiley Online Library, 2014. Issue 8

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