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Chemical signature of colorectal cancer: case–control study for profiling the breath print

by D. F. Altomare, A. Picciariello, M.T.Rotelli, M. De Fazio, A. Aresta, C. G. Zambonin, L. Vincenti, P. Trerotoli and N. De Vietro.

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Relationship between cancer tissue derived and exhaled volatile organic compound from colorectal cancer patients. Preliminary results

by Nicoletta De Vietro, Antonella Arestaa, Maria Teresa Rotelli, Carlo Zambonin,Catia Lippolis, Arcangelo Picciariellob, Donato Francesco Altomare

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Urinary volatile organic compounds and faecal microbiome profiles in colorectal cancer

by Michael McFarlane, Andrew Millard, Holly Hall, Richard Savage, Chrystala Constantinidou, Ramesh Arasaradnam and Chuka Nwokolo

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Colorectal cancer and adenoma screening using urinary volatile organic compound (VOC) detection: early results from a single-centre bowel screening population (UK BCSP)

by E. Mozdiak, A. N. Wicaksono, J. A. Covington, R. P. Arasaradnam


Exhaled breath biopsy: a new cancer detection paradigm

by Balkees Abderrahman


The potential of breath analysis to improve outcome for patients with lung cancer

by Sophia Antoniou, Edoardo Gaude, Mamta Ruparel, Marc van der Schee, Sam Janes and Robert Rintoul


Mass spectrometry analysis of mixed breath, isolated bronchial breath and gastric endoluminal volatile fatty acids in oesophagogastric cancer

By Mina E Adam, Matyas Fehervari, Piers R Boshier, Sung-Tong Chin, Geng-Ping Lin, Andrea Romano, Sacheen Kumar, and George B Hanna


FAIMS analysis of urine gaseous headspace is capable of differentiating ovarian cancer

By Riikka J. Niemi, Antti N. Roine, Emmi Eräviita, Pekka S. Kumpulainen, Johanna U. Mäenpää and Niku Oksala


Risk stratification of Symptomatic Patients Suspected of Colorectal Cancer using Faecal and Urinary Markers

By Monika M. Widlak, Matthew Neal, Emma Daulton, Claire L. Thomas, Claudia Tomkins, Baljit Singh, Christopher Harmston, Alfian Wicaksono, Charles Evans, Steve Smith, Richard S. Savage, James A. Covington and Ramesh P. Arasaradnam


Profile of exhaled-breath volatile organic compounds to diagnose pancreatic cancer

By S. R. Markar , B. Brodie, S.-T. Chin, A. Romano, D. Spalding and G. B. Hanna

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