Combined hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-scanning field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry-time-of-flight mass spectrometry for untargeted metabolomics

by Katarzyna M. Szykuła, Joris Meurs, Matthew A. Turner, Colin S. Creaser and James C. Reynolds


Colorectal cancer and adenoma screening using urinary volatile organic compound (VOC) detection: early results from a single-centre bowel screening population (UK BCSP)

by E. Mozdiak, A. N. Wicaksono, J. A. Covington, R. P. Arasaradnam


Exhaled breath biopsy: a new cancer detection paradigm

by Balkees Abderrahman


Assessment of breath volatile organic compounds in acute cardiorespiratory breathlessness: a protocol describing a prospective real-world observational study

by Wadah Ibrahim, Michael Wilde, Rebecca Cordell, Dahlia Salman, Dorota Ruszkiewicz, Luke Bryant, Matthew Richardson, Robert C Free, Bo Zhao, Ahmed Yousuf, Christobelle White, Richard Russell, Sheila Jones, Bharti Patel, Asia Awal, Rachael Phillips, Graham Fowkes, Teresa McNally, Clare Foxon, Hetan Bhatt, Rosa Peltrini, Amisha Singapuri, Beverley Hargadon, Toru Suzuki, Leong L Ng, Erol Gaillard, Caroline Beardsmore, Kimuli Ryanna, Hitesh Pandya, Tim Coates, Paul S Monks, Neil Greening, Christopher E Brightling, Paul Thomas, Salman Siddiqui


Effects of Solvent Vapor Modifiers for the Separation of Opioid Isomers in Micromachined FAIMS-MS

By Michael S. Wei, Robin H. J. Kemperman, Richard A. Yost


The potential of breath analysis to improve outcome for patients with lung cancer

by Sophia Antoniou, Edoardo Gaude, Mamta Ruparel, Marc van der Schee, Sam Janes and Robert Rintoul


Measuring the Integrity of Gas-Phase Conformers of Sodiated 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 by Drift Tube, Traveling Wave, Trapped, and High-Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility

Nicholas R. Oranzi, Robin H. J. Kemperman, Michael S. Wei, Violeta I. Petkovska, Scott W. Granato, Benjamin Rochon, Julia Kaszycki, Aurelio La Rotta, Kevin Jeanne Dit Fouque, Francisco Fernandez-Lima, and Richard A. Yost

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Breath analysis by two-dimensional gas chromatography with dualflame ionisation and mass spectrometric detection – Method optimisation and integration within a large-scale clinical study

By Michael J. Wilde, Rebecca L. Cordell, Dahlia Salman, Bo Zhao, Wadah Ibrahim, Luke Bryant, Dorota Ruszkiewicz, Amisha Singapuri, Robert C. Free, Erol A. Gaillard, Caroline Beardsmore, C.L. Paul Thomas, Chris E. Brightling, Salman Siddiqui, and Paul S. Monks


Mass spectrometry analysis of mixed breath, isolated bronchial breath and gastric endoluminal volatile fatty acids in oesophagogastric cancer

By Mina E Adam, Matyas Fehervari, Piers R Boshier, Sung-Tong Chin, Geng-Ping Lin, Andrea Romano, Sacheen Kumar, and George B Hanna


The measurement of volatile organic compounds in faeces of piglets as a tool to assess gastrointestinal functionality

by Estefania Perez-Calvo, Alfian N. Wicaksono, Estel Canet, Emma Daulton, Waldemar Ens, Ulrich Hoeller, Viviane Verlhac, Pietro Celi, James A. Covington

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