Our team of clinical and technical experts are available to discuss the aims of your project and advise on all aspects of study design and sample collection.

Consultation and study design

Before initiating your project, our clinical experts will discuss with you the aims of the study, and offer guidance if needed to select the appropriate study design, population and sample type (breath, biofluids or other biospecimens), to ensure the most optimal results.

Whether your goal is to add analysis of VOC biomarkers to an existing study, set up an entirely new study, or run an exploratory pilot study, our specialists can assist you every step of the way. Through Owlstone Medical’s network of clinicians, hospitals and research centres, we can facilitate access to large patient populations to extend or validate your study. We can also offer support for the set up of new studies, by providing advice on the research protocol and securing ethics.

Sample types and collection

During the consultation we will discuss with you the type(s) of sample you wish to use for VOC biomarker analysis, and any requirements for sample collection, storage and transportation to Owlstone Medical's Services laboratory.

For breath sample collection, we install our CE marked ReCIVA Breath Sampler in clinic and provide full training for trial nurses to ensure reliable collection of breath samples on sorbent tubes ready for transportation.

In the case of urine and other biofluids, we accept both archival samples and collected from on-going studies.

Other biospecimens, e.g. feces, in vitro cell cultures, may be analyzed upon request. Please contact us for further information.



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