Our in-depth report provides the results of our analysis as well as raw FAIMS data. Our analysis includes unique in silico verification of the classification algorithm using our spectral database containing thousands of patient VOC profiles.

In silico verification

Candidate biomarkers are checked against our database containing thousands of patients’ spectral data to ensure robustness and reproducibility.

Anonymized chemical spectra records from all collected samples from all trials in the Owlstone Medical clinical pipeline, as well as Service projects (subject to authorization), are kept in a fully searchable proprietary database. We can use this resource to assemble virtual patient populations defined by demographics, comorbidity, and outcome.

Early evidence of likely clinical performance.

Verifying the biomarker test against this patient population allows us to catch potentially confounding variables or relevant sub-populations that may not have been adequately represented in the original trial population, without the need for additional samples or expensive and time consuming prospective studies. This approach provides early evidence of likely clinical performance quickly and at lower cost.

Data Analysis

We provide in-depth reports on the results of our analysis

The results of our statistical analysis are presented in a comprehensive report, including principle component analysis, box plots and receiver operating characteristics curves (ROC). In addition, we provide the complete set of raw FAIMS data for your research.

Our analysts, developers and clinical research staff will walk you through the analysis and the results either in person or by phone. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the current project or possible next steps, including validation of the diagnostic test.

Classification plot

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