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VOC Biomarker expertise

Utilizing our Breath Biopsy® platform, we offer a complete set of services for analysis of volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarkers in breath and other biospecimens. 

Our team of clinical and technical experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge about VOC biomarkers developed through our own clinical programs. We provide advice on the optimal study design to ensure that your project has the maximum chance of being successful.

Drawing on our experience of running VOC biomarker clinical trials as part of our own clinical pipeline, we offer CRO capabilities to set up and run clinical trials.

Our dedicated scientific team will take you through the whole process from consultation on the optimal study design, to biomarker discovery, verification and external blinded validation of the diagnostic test algorithm and analytical instrumentation in the context of the clinical use case, ready for regulatory approval.
Discovery to validation
Stages of a typical VOC biomarker discovery and validation project. During discovery and verification, the classifier is further verified in silico using a population assembled from Owlstone’s proprietary database of patient VOC profiles. Following successful verification of the classifier, the classifier is locked down and an external blinded validation is performed in a larger patient cohort representative of the intended use population, to validate both the VOC biomarker algorithm and the analytical instrumentation that together comprise a diagnostic test ready for regulatory approval.  

Rapid, high quality results

Owlstone Medical offers the largest laboratory for analysis of VOCs in breath and other biospecimens. VOC Biomarkers are analyzed using our Breath Biopsy® platform, based on our proven FAIMS technology. 

Extensive QC checks are part of our Quality Management System, which covers the entire analysis workflow starting with preparation of the sorbent tubes for breath collection.

Our exceptional analytical platforms, rigorous quality standards and experienced staff deliver reliable, reproducible and rapid results.

VOC biomarker discovery and validation research services with our world class team and facilities

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