Volunteering for our Trials

Volunteer to give a breath sample at an Owlstone Medical site and help in our work to develop breath tests to detect and treat diseases

For our Evolution (lung cancer) trial please email: volunteers@owlstone.co.uk

Volunteers Needed in Cambridge, UK

You’ll be helping research to develop breath tests for diseases. Owlstone Medical are developing a breathalyzer for disease. Our Mission: To save 100,000 lives and $1.5B in healthcare costs.

Owlstone Medical are looking for volunteers for Breath Biopsy studies. To give a breath sample you will be asked to breathe normally through your mouth into a device. We will also collect some information from you including, but not limited to, blood pressure, height, and weight, and conduct a finger prick test.

For our current trial, we are looking for volunteers with a BMI over 25 and aged 30-65 who meet the following criteria:

  • Healthy
  • Type 2 diabetes (diagnosed by GP) or
  • Pre-diabetic or insulin resistant as diagnosed by a healthcare professional

Additional precautions may be in place due to Covid-19 and the current restrictions. You may be required to wear a face covering and use hand sanitiser, both of which will be provided.

To apply please email: volunteers@owlstone.co.uk

You will receive £100 compensation for your time and any travel expenses will be covered.

What giving a breath sample looks like

Why Volunteer for our Clinical Trials?

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