Mass Spectrometry 'Omics Applications

Detect three times more features in 'omics applications with LC-ultraFAIMS-MS


Separation of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Reduce interference and improve accurate mass measurement with ultraFAIMS


Quantitative determination of an ibuprofen metabolite in urine

Improve LOQ and dynamic range using LC-ultraFAIMS-MS


Direct analysis of potentially genotoxic impurities

Rapid FAIMS separation provides selectivity on direct analysis timescales


A lower cost approach to structural analysis of peptide ions using ultraFAIMS and single-stage MS

FAIMS pre-selection allows simplification of in-source CID spectra


ultraFAIMS-MS for High Throughput Separation and Quantification of Vitamin D Metabolite Stereoisomers

Rapid ultraFAIMS separation of stereoisomers can replace slow LC steps - Owlstone Medical


Detection of Propofol with Lonestar VOC Analyzer

The Lonestar VOC Analyzer is able to detect propofol at sub part per billion concentrations in under 10 seconds.

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