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Respiratory Diseases

Breath biomarker discovery with Breath Biopsy® could lead to non-invasive precision medicine and exacerbation detection for asthma, COPD and other chronic airway diseases.

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Podcast: American Thoracic Society

Our CEO, Billy Boyle, talks to Andrew Bishop about Breath Biopsy for respiratory diseases on the ATS podcast.

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Anke-Hilse Matland-Van der Zee Presentation

Presentation: Anke-Hilse Matland-Van der Zee at BBCon22

Use of longitudinal breath measurements at home in chronic respiratory patients, future or fiction?

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Webinar: Breath Biopsy for Respiratory Diseases

A research presentation that demonstrates the potential of Breath Biopsy for Respiratory Diseases.

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Chris Brightling Presentation

Presentation: Chris Brightling at BBCon22

Breathomics for acute and chronic lung disease - getting closer to the clinic?

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Publication: Biomarkers of asthma phenotypes

Researchers at Liege University identified four VOCs to stratify key asthma phenotypes.

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Case Studies

A detailed look at some of the research studies that are investigating biomarkers for respiratory diseases.


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