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Breath Biopsy Conference - Attendee Interviews

Chris Mayhew - University of Innsbruck

Roy Goodacre - University of Liverpool

Jonathan Beauchamp - Fraunhofer Institute

Bato Hammarström - Oslo University Hospital

Dominic Roberts - Thermo Fisher Scientific

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We have worked with a number of eNose platforms for medical breath research and we have found Owlstone’s FAIMS technology and Lonestar instrument to provide very good accuracy.

Professor Peter Sterk
University of Amsterdam

We have been using FAIMS for almost five years and have found it able to non-invasively detect a broad range of diseases, including cancer, with high sensitivity and specificity

Professor James Covington
University of Warwick

We are delighted with the performance of the ultraFAIMS device from Owlstone: The improved signal-to-noise shows great promise for our protein analysis work.

Professor Helen Cooper
University of Birmingham

Owlstone’s chip-based FAIMS system is very straightforward to use and has demonstrated potential for the analysis of small molecules, peptides and proteins. We are particularly excited about its ability to enhance high-throughput mass spectrometry applications by separating target ion responses from isobaric and isomeric ions.

Professor Colin Creaser
Loughborough University

My research in breath started when I joined my current role, although the techniques have been familiar to me for many years. Nevertheless, Breath Biopsy products make the approach easier by standardising procedures and enrolling in this challenge has prompted my career to tackle a topic, which will have a direct impact in saving lives. And that drives me!

Pedro Duarte Vaz
The Champalimaud Foundation

I think, that using ReCIVA as breath sampler made the collection of exhaled breath more standardised and more professional (in comparison to bags, which has been often used in the breath community). The exhaled breath samples obtained from ReCIVA are characterised with lower variations, thus allowing for better discovery of the compounds of interest, e.g. compounds specific to a disease.

Agi Smolinska
Maastricht University

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