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There’s an Urgent and Growing Need to Improve Early Diagnosis and Therapy Selection 

Exhaled breath is a vast untapped resource of biological information, capable of providing a comprehensive real-time snapshot of the whole body’s biological state.

Owlstone Medical’s mission is to save lives and excess healthcare spending through the application of non-invasive sample collection and analysis with Breath Biopsy®.

Leading the World in Breath Biomarker Research 

Exhaled breath contains both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and non-volatiles such as respiratory droplets, which have applications in early detection, precision medicine and exposure. Breath collection is completely non-invasive and has many advantages over other sampling methods.

  • VOC biomarkers are present even at the earliest stage of a disease and directly reflect real time disease activity, before other symptoms become apparent.
  • Respiratory droplets contain non-volatiles, which can also be useful biomarkers for the detection and treatment of disease – especially of the lungs.
  • Drug metabolites can also be detected, allowing treatment to be monitored.
  • Exogenous Volatile Organic Compound (EVOC®) Probes enable the targeted assessment of specific biological pathways.
Figure 1. Sources of Biomarkers in Breath

Advanced Analysis of Biomarkers for a Range of Applications

Breath Biopsy is the complete solution for the high-quality collection and analysis of breath samples, providing an entirely new and reproducible way to access a body’s biological information that also maximizes patient comfort. Breath Biopsy makes it possible to:

  • Collect breath samples reliably and reproducibly
  • Investigate biomarkers for disease early detection
  • Stratify patients by phenotype, and monitor treatment response for precision medicine
  • Measure exposure to hazardous substances and their impact on the body

If you’d like to know more about the applications of Breath Biopsy then get in touch. We can help you integrate our breath research technology into your clinical studies with our complete range of products and services for breath collection and VOC analysis.

Explore the Applications of Breath Biopsy for Early Detection, Precision Medicine and Exposure

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Breath Biopsy can detect a wide range of analytes in exhaled breath. These tests are non-invasive and offer high patient comfort, but more importantly are highly sensitive and selective. Breath Biopsy is suited to a wide range of applications in early detection, precision medicine and exposure research.

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