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Careers at Owlstone

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world and chip away at some of the hardest problems. Ideas are generated, tested and come to life quickly at Owlstone.

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We have a growing number of patents and have successfully applied for funding in collaborative research projects

Owlstone started as a spin-out from Cambridge University in 2004. To this day, most of our people are based in Cambridge; it's where all of the research & development happens at our home in the Science Park. We're in daily touch with the rest of the team in Connecticut, USA. Our technology is unique, it's compelling and it opens up exciting possibilities: it's already finding vital applications all over the world, and we feel as if we're only just getting started on its potential. Thanks to some recent contracts, we've doubled our floor space and we're constantly stepping things up. We're on the lookout for smart people to join us as we tackle the scientific, engineering and commercial challenges on the way.

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At Owlstone, everyone makes a difference

We've had some successes on the way, and some of the things we've tried haven't worked so well. If you apply and are invited for an interview, feel free to ask us about them... or you could ask us about our projects involving beer, slug pellets, crude oil, chemical warfare agents and what we politely refer to as "other matrices". We aim to strike the right balance between fulfilling orders and getting products shipped worldwide, finding ways to make our devices smaller/smarter/more reliable/just better (TM), and looking for new opportunities to apply what we know. No two days are ever the same. We reward dedication, dynamism and ability with a competitive salary, benefits and share options.

Owlstone team members are engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs focussed on changing non-invasive medical technology

We are scientists, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs on a mission to save lives through early detection and precision medicine

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