A Breathalyzer for Disease

Our Mission: To save 100,000 lives and $1.5B in healthcare costs.

Our Vision: The global leader in Breath Biopsy for early detection and precision medicine.

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Breath Biopsy - VOC Biomarkers in Breath

A non-invasive way to access a patient’s metabolome, for early detection and real time monitoring of disease activity

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Our Research Products

Bring VOC biomarker research to your own lab with our complete range of R&D instruments

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Our Research Services

VOC biomarker discovery and validation research services with our world class team and facilities

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Our Clinical Pipeline

We have an active clinical diagnostics pipeline across oncology and inflammatory diseases for early detection and therapy stratification

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Breath Biopsy Services tailored to your needs and clinical objectives

Volatile organic compound (VOC) biomarker discovery and targeted analysis for early detection, therapeutic response, drug toxicity and disease monitoring for cancer, inflammatory, and infectious diseases.

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Breath Biopsy® Complete Guide - VOCs as Biomarkers for Disease


Integrate Breath Biopsy into Your Clinical Trial

Integrate Breath Biopsy into your COVID-19 Research

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Introducing the FAIMS microchip, revolutionary science at the nanoscale

At Owlstone Medical we have developed a chemical sensor on a silicon chip 100x cheaper and 1000x smaller than existing technologies: the FAIMS microchip.

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Taking action to permanently change non-invasive medical diagnostics through innovative clinical projects

We have an active clinical diagnostics pipeline across oncology and inflammatory diseases.

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Owlstone’s technology can detect volatile metabolites in breath at part per billion levels allowing for a wide range of real world applications

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Could a Simple Breath Test Diagnose Disease? | Billy Boyle | TEDxCambridgeUniversity