The Breath Biopsy® Guide: Fourth Edition

Discover the latest in Breath Biopsy technology and breath analysis research with our newest edition of The Breath Biopsy Guide. Dive into the forefront of breath research with our refreshed content, designed to keep you informed on the most recent advancements and breakthroughs in the field. 

As pioneers in breath research, we understand the dynamic nature of this field, which is constantly evolving with exciting discoveries. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you regular updates through various resources, ensuring the entire breath research community stays at the cutting edge of knowledge. 

One of these resources is the Breath Biopsy Guide Fourth Edition. This is a free eBook packed with over 70 pages of insights into the expanding applications of Breath Biopsy and breath analysis. Discover new findings and innovations, including updates on studies focusing on liver disease, respiratory disease, lung cancer, and the microbiome. This edition serves as a comprehensive reference, featuring a streamlined format that distills complex ideas into easily digestible content. Whether your expertise in biomarker discovery and breath analysis is advanced or you are only just beginning to explore VOC research and exhaled breath analysis in disease detection, this guide will be invaluable to you.

What can you expect in the Breath Biopsy Guide, Fourth Edition? 

We have recognized the continuous advancements in breath analysis by updating the guide to include a brand-new chapter on ‘The Future of Breath Research,’ offering insights into Owlstone Medical’s latest Breath Biopsy Products and Services. 

Key Features: 

  • A biomarker review covering what biomarkers are found in breath and their origins from various biological processes. 
  • Insights into VOC research and the potential of breath biomarkers to revolutionize clinical research and practice. 
  • Case studies illustrating biomarker detection through breath analysis in lung cancer, liver disease, the microbiome, and respiratory diseases. 
  • Detailed breath research methodology, including workflows and solutions to common challenges in the field. 
  • How Breath Biopsy products are services have been designed to robustly identify and quantify VOC biomarkers in breath and headspace. 

Owlstone Medical is committed to establishing rigorous standards in breath research through detailed methodologies aimed at achieving excellence in the field. Our approach not only addresses current challenges but also fosters collaboration within the research community. By outlining robust methodologies, we ensure the integrity and reliability of our findings, paving the way for significant advancements in understanding and utilizing breath biomarkers. 

One of our pioneering research projects is to develop the Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas®, the largest dataset of distinguishable VOCs in breath, which enhances breath biomarker development. This Atlas not only provides insights into these compounds but also offers the scientific context needed to confidently select biomarker candidates for a variety of diseases. For further details on the Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas, refer to The Breath Biopsy Guide. 

This comprehensive resource is designed to keep you informed about the latest advancements in breath analysis and our ongoing efforts to drive impactful discoveries in healthcare and beyond. 

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