The Breath Biopsy OMNI

Breath Biopsy® OMNI

The most advanced solution for reliable global breath biomarker analysis

  • An end-to-end optimized service for consistent breath VOC analysis
  • Reliable breath collection and analysis methodologies
  • Maximized for reproducible detection of biorelevant compounds from breath
  • Supported by study design, management and data interpretation expertise


The breath volatile organic compound (VOC) global analysis service

Breath Biopsy OMNI delivers comprehensive and robust global breath VOC analysis, encompassing expertise in study design and optimized sample collection, analysis and interpretation procedures. OMNI is an evolving system, rigorously tested at all stages to provide high-confidence results that support biomarker identification and validation.

  • On-breath VOC detection

    Optimized to maximize number of detectable VOC species on breath.

  • Reliable sampling

    ReCIVA and CASPER ensure standardized, non-invasive VOC sample collection.

  • Precision analysis

    Chemical analysis using high-resolution accurate mass TD-GC-MS, followed by custom univariate and multivariate statistical approaches.

  • Reporting & Interpretation

    Custom HRAM VOC library supports high-confidence compound identification, with biological data collated in our knowledge base for comparison across studies and against published literature.

  • Committed to quality

    Extensive internal standards ensure consistent quality throughout and help to facilitate subsequent biomarker quantitation and identification.

  • Standards included

    8 internal standards in every sample to assess analytical performance. Absolute quantification of over 50 standard compounds.



Exhaled breath is a rich source of prospective clinically-relevant biomarkers. Several are already in widespread use, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, nitric oxide and sulfur compounds, yet many more remain to be discovered. Breath contains over 1,000 VOCs of which many have links to metabolism and disease processes, and some have the potential to become biomarkers for disease detection and precision medicine.

Breath offers many possible advantages in terms of non-invasive collection, ease of use, relevance to a wide range of clinical needs. Yet the complexity of breath and potential for ambient contamination has made reproducible analysis challenging.

Breath Biopsy OMNI is the only commercial biomarker platform optimized for on-breath global VOC analysis. If you’re seeking a method for non-invasive global biomarker research that provides easy, flexible sample collection, high resolution compound analysis and reproducible results that you can trust then talk to us about OMNI.

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An illustration of the contribution contamination makes to breath signals

What are 'on-breath' biomarkers?

Many biomarker research studies report on the number of features detected during analysis, or the number of identified compounds. Breath research studies often report hundreds of compounds in each breath sample, but many of these could originate from external and ambient sources and may have no relevance to a patient’s biology. This adds to the noise in the system and reduces the chance of finding robust biomarkers that will survive validation and could have clinical relevance.

OMNI utilizes a clear definition of on-breath compounds to optimize detection, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure reproducibility in compound detection.

A molecule under a magnifying glass

Biomarkers backed by biology

OMNI has demonstrated the capability to repeatably measure up to 500 VOCs from breath including molecules with known associations to a range of metabolic pathways and disease mechanisms. Detected compounds include alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and alkanes and have been linked to conditions including chronic respiratory diseases, liver diseases and inflammation, which are collated in our Breath Biopsy knowledge base.

The sensitivity afforded by HRAM mass spectrometry, Breath Biopsy sample collection and our custom data analysis allows the detection of dozens of very low abundance breath VOCs that have yet to be widely studied and have equal potential as biomarkers.

The detection of the combination of well-known biologically relevant as novel VOCs makes OMNI the most comprehensive platform for VOC biomarker studies.

Optimized at all Stages

OMNI ensures optimized discovery at all stages

We have analyzed and optimized stages throughout the biomarker pipeline to ensure maximal compound detection and minimized process variation during sample collection, processing and data analysis. Find out more in the sections below.

Breath Biopsy Collection Station including CASPER Portable Air Supply and ReCIVA Breath Sampler

Breath sample collection

The Breath Biopsy Collection Station including ReCIVA® Breath Sampler standardizes collection of VOCs from breath and ensures easy, robust sample storage and transportation using Breath Biopsy Cartridges of sorbent tubes.

The Breath Biopsy Collection Station

The Collection Station and Breath Biopsy Kits provide:

  • High-sensitivity, standardized breath sample collection and VOC pre-concentration
  • Exclusion of ambient VOCs to enhance signal-to-noise and minimize false discovery
Photo of Thermo Orbitrap

Breath sample processing

Samples are analysed using Breath Biopsy Services in the world’s only specialist Breath Biopsy Laboratory. We use a custom pipeline built around high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Our quality assurance process is accredited to ISO-9001 standard to help ensure all samples are processed to the same high level of quality and consistency.

OMNI processing and analysis includes:

  • Capability to detect over 500 breath VOCs and facilitate compound identification and validation
  • Compound detection based on high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) Orbitrap mass spectrometry, sensitive to ppb levels
  • Compound identification through bespoke Breath Biopsy HRAM Library and generic NIST library matching
  • Access to in-house expertise on study design, clinical trial management, statistical analysis and result interpretation

Breath Biopsy Services

An example of results from a Breath Biopsy study

Reporting and interpretation

We have developed our own HRAM Breath Biopsy Library of over 130 compounds detected on breath using Breath Biopsy. The Library enables high confidence identification of compounds from the results of our GC-MS analysis. All OMNI studies result in a comprehensive feature table including compound IDs obtained through the Breath Biopsy Library or comparison to online NIST data.

Depending on your needs, we can also provide detailed reporting and expert interpretation to support the results of your study. This can include thorough statistical analysis, both uni- and multivariate analysis, designed to address your scientific questions, accompanied with biological and clinical interpretation of observed results based on established knowledge and published scientific literature.

Our reports in detail

OMNI in Action

We are deploying Breath Biopsy OMNI across a range of biomarker studies with goals relating to early detection and precision medicine.

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