Breath Biopsy® OMNI®

The most advanced solution for volatile metabolite analysis in breath

  • An optimized service for breath collection and analysis
  • Standardized breath collection and broad analysis methodologies optimized for reproducible identification and quantification of biorelevant metabolites
  • Expert support on study design, project management, and data interpretation

The complete breath volatile metabolite service

Breath Biopsy® OMNI® (Owlstone Medical Novel Insights) service delivers comprehensive and robust identification and analysis of volatile compounds in exhaled breath, encompassing expertise in study design, optimized sample collection, high-confidence identification of compounds against reference libraries, analysis, and biological interpretation of your data. OMNI is rigorously tested at all stages to provide robust results that support volatile analysis for biomarker identification, validation, and translation.


Optimized to maximize the number of biologically relevant compounds detected in the breath.


Collection tools developed by experts ensure standardized, non-invasive breath sampling. Analysis using gold-standard high-resolution accurate mass TD-GC-MS, followed by customizable statistical approaches.


Internal reference libraries such as the Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas support high-confidence compound identification for better standardization and translatability.


Collations of underlying biological data available for comparison across studies and against published literature.


Confidence in results is maximized by precise calibration procedures, both for individual samples and across the analytical pipeline.


Our multi-disciplinary team can adapt and innovate to match your individual research questions to maximize the power of your data for confident biological inference.



Exhaled breath is a waste product of the body that is a rich source of potential biomarkers for a variety of uses in clinical practice and research. There are hundreds of readily detectable volatile compounds in breath, many of which have links to metabolism and disease processes, and so have the potential to be developed as biomarkers.

Breath offers many possible advantages in terms of non-invasive collection, ease of use, and relevance to a wide range of clinical research needs. Yet the complexity of breath, the potential for ambient contamination, and the lack of high-confidence reference libraries for compound identification have made reproducible breath analysis challenging. These factors have historically limited the number of breath biomarkers translated into the clinic.

Breath Biopsy OMNI has been developed and optimized specifically for the confident identification and analysis of compounds from exhaled breath in a standardized manner to acquire the robust data needed to develop breath biomarkers throughout the stages of research, and ultimately towards translation into clinical use.

Getting started with Breath Biopsy

What is Breath Biopsy OMNI?
How can Breath Biopsy OMNI help me?
What advantages does breath have over other samples?
What compounds can Breath Biopsy OMNI detect?
What is Breath Biopsy OMNI?
How can Breath Biopsy OMNI help me?
What advantages does breath have over other samples?
What compounds can Breath Biopsy OMNI detect?

What are 'on-breath' biomarkers? 

Breath research studies often report hundreds of compounds in each breath sample, but many of these have been inhaled from the ambient air and may have no relevance to biology. This adds a significant amount of background signal in the sample and makes identifying clinically relevant biomarkers challenging. Using our own specially developed breath collection equipment and the rigorous analytical procedures of OMNI, we have created the Breath Biopsy® VOC Atlas®The VOC Atlas is a catalog of volatile compounds that are commonly found in the breath, referred to as “on-breath”. Our VOC Atlas is available as part of our OMNI service and allows for the high-confidence identification of candidate biomarkers for targeted study designs to maximize the chances of downstream validation, and translation for clinical use.

Breath Biopsy OMNI for reliable detection of VOC biomarkers

Biomarkers backed by biology 

OMNI has the capability to repeatably measure volatile compounds from the breath with known associations to a range of metabolic pathways and disease mechanisms. Detected compounds are from a broad range of chemical classes, including alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, and alkanes.

Our Breath Biopsy collection station, high-spec instruments (high-resolution accurate mass Orbitrap mass spectrometry), and our custom data analysis allow the detection and identification of even very low abundance volatile compounds that may be clinically meaningful. Combined with the proven ability to detect known biomarkers for biological activity, the OMNI platform is a robust and reliable platform for breath biomarker identification, validation, and translation.

Breath Biopsy® OMNI®: advanced global breath VOC analysis

Reporting and interpretation 

Results from all OMNI studies are presented as an easy-to-interpret, comprehensive feature table including compound IDs obtained through reference to our internal libraries, how confident the ID assignment is, and their concentrations. We also provide our own expert support for the results of your study. This can include assistance with the designing of statistical analysis of your study, both uni- and multivariate analysis, tailored to address your scientific goals. We can also provide our expert biological and clinical interpretation of observed results based on our own experience and knowledge of the breath research field, well as put your results in context with the wider scientific literature.

OMNI in Action

We are deploying Breath Biopsy OMNI across a range of biomarker studies with goals relating to early detection and precision medicine.

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