EVOC® Probes Included in The Scientist 2019 Top 10 Innovations

Published on: 9 Dec 2019, under Breath Biopsy

Owlstone Medical’s EVOC® Probes have been featured in The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2019. 

The highly respected and widely recognized Top 10 Innovations list features products that, ‘wowed the independent panel of judges with their potential to enable new discoveries.’

Launched in June, EVOC Probes allowed targeted biomarker discovery. The Probes are safe compounds, largely food additives, that when administered orally undergo metabolism in the body and are excreted via breath, offering a readout of metabolism by enzymes and organs. The probes expand upon the Breath Biopsy® platform and aim to develop more targeted Breath Biopsy applications to support research taking place in academic, clinical and pharmaceutical settings. 

The judges for the awards were Charmion Cruickshank-Quinn, Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies, Kim Kamdar, Managing Partner at Domain Associates, and H.Steven Wiley, Senior Research Scientist and Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Speaking about EVOC Probes, Charmion Cruickshank-Quinn said: “This technology . . . has potential to provide a quick screening tool in the health-care field but to also allow scientists to perform noninvasive studies in a number of research areas, including lung health and disease.”

Owlstone Medical’s CEO and Co-Founder Billy Boyle said: “With so many great innovations this year, I am so pleased that our EVOC Probes feature on this list. I would like to thank everyone at Owlstone who have contributed to our successful year. We look forward to bringing other new technologies onto the market and becoming one of the familiar names on this list!”

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