OMED Health Breath Analyzer

Accurately evaluate microbiome function.

  • Analyze hydrogen and methane levels in exhaled breath
  • Portable, non-invasive sampling facilitates home testing and longitudinal monitoring
  • Reflects real-time metabolic activity

Developed by experts in breath research to streamline hydrogen and methane sampling

Our OMED Health Breath Analyzer is a handheld sensor system, for at-home collection and analysis of hydrogen and methane. These gases are produced by the fermentation of undigested sugars by the gut microbiome. This portable breath analyzer is designed to accurately detect hydrogen and methane gas in breath anytime, anywhere, and is ideal for supporting research and clinical trials.

Used in conjunction with an easy-to-use smartphone app, the OMED Health Breath Analyzer facilitates tracking of food intake and symptoms, alongside breath readings. This data can be accessed by researchers to enable longitudinal monitoring of the response of the gut microbiome in various clinical study designs.

In order to ensure a degree of accuracy comparable to in-clinic hydrogen methane breath tests (HMBT) we conducted extensive tests, including building an in-house synthetic breath rig and also benchmarked the OMED Health Breath Analyser against a clinically used HMBT device. To find out more about this process download our poster from the link below.

  • Home Testing

Reduces patient burden enabling faster access to results and easier repeat testing for longitudinal analysis.

  • EASY to USE

Non-invasive, safe and easy to use, making it suitable with almost any subject group across a variety of settings.

  • Flexible

Remote patient monitoring increases accessibility for patients with limited mobility and facilitates asynchronous communication and adherence to clinical plans

  • Cost Effective

Removes the need to manage benchtop equipment with associated costs. Lowers costs for repeat testing and increases patient throughput.

  • Convenient

Patients no longer need to spend half a day or more in a clinical setting. Access to a comprehensive data set aids clinical trial data collection.

  • Shorter Waiting Lists

Increases clinical capacity as reduces limit on testing numbers. Unattended appointments are eliminated and resources can be refocused on higher-value activities.

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Inside the OMED Health Breath Analyzer


The OMED Health Breath Analyzer uses MOS sensor-based technology to analyze the levels of hydrogen and methane in the breath. A diffusion membrane acts as a filter between the main flow path and the sensor chamber to negate the impact of interferant breath compounds on the sensor response. A mesh prevents moisture from condensing on the sensors and impacting the sensor baseline.


Technical Specifications (Patent Pending)

  • SIZE

83.1mm x 55.7mm x 26.7mm




5.0VDC, 500 mA




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