Pharmaforum Article: How breath analysis could help those with IBS

Published on: 5 Jun 2023, under Gut & Digestion

Pharmaforum, the online forum for the pharmaceutical industry to share learnings, insights, and advances in the field, has recently published an article written by our CEO Billy Boyle, and Scientific Content Writer Dr. Madeleine Ball on the launch of OMED Health and our plans to tackle the diagnosis crisis within digestive health.

The article, titled: ‘How breath analysis could help those living with gut health issues like IBS,’ discusses the difficulties patients have been undergoing to receive a diagnosis for their gut health issues and how the introduction of a non-invasive breath test could help.

“Traditionally, conditions such as SIBO were diagnosed through culturing a liquid biopsy of the small intestine, gained through an endoscopic procedure. This is invasive, expensive, and has many downsides that limit its validity as a test. An alternative, and in many ways a preferable method of diagnosis, is through a breath test.”

However, there have been concerns and criticisms of this test and other at-home diagnosis tests.

“Many commercial tests are available that measure levels of hydrogen and methane in exhaled breath, but these can suffer from inaccuracy and a lack of standardised protocols for breath collection. This is why Owlstone Medical has recently launched OMED Health, which offers clinicians and patients access to at-home breath test kits for the diagnosis and monitoring of gut health problems like SIBO and carbohydrate malabsorption.”

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Through OMED Health, we are able to offer breath tests for SIBO and food intolerances to people in the UK at the cost of £250, which includes guidance from one of our associated consultant specialists who can discuss and plan treatment if required after testing. Find out more. Later this year we will be launching the OMED Health App and Analyzer, make sure you sign up to the waitlist to be the first to know updates and for a chance to be involved in our user testing.


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