IASLC 2023 World Conference on Lung Cancer

Singapore, 09 - 12 Sep 2023

IASLC 2023 World Conference on Lung Cancer

Date: 09 - 12 Sep 2023

Location: Singapore

We will be attending the IASLC 2023 World Conference on Lung Cancer. This global event brings together leading experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals in the field of lung cancer to share knowledge, discuss advancements, and shape the future of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Don’t miss our two poster presentations: “Proof-of-mechanism study for a diagnostic probe compound generating D5-ethanol as an on-breath reporter molecule for lung cancer – Evolution phase 1” and “The LuCID study: Detection of lung cancer breath biomarkers via Breath Biopsy in a multi-centre trial.”

Come and find Owlstone Medical at this event, where our team of experts will be available to discuss our latest research, showcase our technology, and demonstrate the remarkable impact breath can have on the field of lung cancer diagnosis.

Meet the team:


Dr. Marc van der Schee

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a meeting, contact us.


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