Microbiome and Probiotics R&D Forum

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 23 - 24 Apr 2024

Microbiome and Probiotics R&D Forum

Date: 23 - 24 Apr 2024

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

We will be attending and presenting at the Microbiome and Probiotics R&D Forum this spring in Rotterdam.

Dr Elizabeth Crone will be presenting on the topic “Microbiome metabolic phenotyping with non-invasive breath samples”

This event enables the discussion of the most scientific cutting-edge microbiome, probiotics and skin-based research; the challenges and opportunities in translating research towards commercialisation, and partnerships and collaborations that secure investment.

Dr Elizabeth Crone, Head of Business Development, Research Products and Services, Europe and ROW, will be attending and presenting at this event. Liz has a strong technical background, with a biochemistry degree from Leeds University and a PhD from the University of Cambridge in biophysical chemistry, as well as several years consulting experience on technical innovation projects for companies like J&J, P&G and Shell. For the last decade, she has focussed on her passion: helping companies with potentially life-changing innovative technologies bring them to where they can be most useful. Liz now works in Owlstone as Head of Business Development for Research Products and Services in Europe. She works with European-based companies and leading academics to help them explore and utilize breath as a biomarker matrix to advance their research.

If you would like to book a meeting with us at this conference, please get in touch.