Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry – The Next 5 Years, 2nd edition: Download Free eBook

There has been great progress in the field of IMS-MS since the launch of our first ebook, which has now been downloaded more than 4000 times. Once again, in collaboration with the leading researchers in the field, Owlstone Medical has compiled an updated second edition, which provides fresh insights and predictions for the development and new applications of Ion Mobility – Mass Spectrometry over the next 5 years.

This 93 page downloadable book is freely available to the whole research community. In it you will find

  • Who and where are the leading groups and researchers in the field of ion mobility
  • Views on the most significant recent advances in instrumentation and applications
  • Predictions on where the field of ion mobility will go over the next 5 years

Our first edition included contributions from leaders in the field including Prof Gary Eiceman, Alex Shvartsburg, Prof Colin Creaser, Prof Rob Moritz, Prof Herb Hill, Prof Rick Yost, Dr. Erkin Nazarov, Dr. Jörg Ingo Baumbach, Dr. Wolfgang Vautz,  Prof Facundo M. Fernandez, Randy Purves, Dr Bill Siems, Dr Bradley Evans, Daniel Beach, Dr. Dylan Jones, Dr. Helen Cooper, Dr. James Covington, Dr C B Hariharan.

Many of our original contributors have returned for the second edition, so you can find out if their predictions for the field have come true or get some inspiration from our new contributor’s submissions.

The collections are available under a creative commons license. Anyone can download, forward, print and copy.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: The Next 5 Years by Owlstone Medical Ltd. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License