VOC Atlas Waitlist

The Breath Biopsy® VOC Atlas: A rich repository of breath-related VOCs and their context

Our Breath Biopsy VOC Atlas is a rich repository of breath-related volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The database, search interface, and analytics tools present high-confidence VOCs alongside their clinical, chemical, and biological context. There are currently over 200 VOCs from a broad range of chemical classes in the Atlas, but this is expanding rapidly as we extend our technical capabilities and conduct further studies.


Included in the Atlas are a subset of VOCs detectable in a heterogeneous human cohort, which provide a useful baseline to streamline breath biomarker discovery and validation, for example, to identify VOC targets that are likely to be impacted by the disease process of interest.

In upcoming months we will be making specific Atlas data/functionality accessible, through our new partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Upcoming releases will include literature references for breath-related compounds and heterogeneous human ranges.  We aim to make Atlas a rich repository of breath-related data for external researchers, while respecting the terms and privacy of our partnerships and volunteers.  Fill in the form below to be notified when access is available.