Day 1 Poster Session at the Breath Biopsy Conference 2022

POSTER SESSION: The first of two sessions of poster presentations at #BBCon22


Timecodes for specific presentations:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:20 – Guillaume Nesa: A miniaturized breath analyzer based on NDIR spectroscopy
  • 06:34 – Nabeetha Nagalingam: Changes in exhaled volatile organic compounds following iron supplementation in self-reported healthy adults
  • 13:09 –  Manohar Prasad Bhandari: Volatilomic patterns of gastric juice and their potential for diagnosis of gastric cancer
  • 19:13 – Brett O’Brien: Using chemical ionisation in the identification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on breath
  • 23:02 – Marziyeh Mousazadeh: Detection of hexanal as a volatile organic compound biomarker of cancers using a nanocomposite of gold nanoparticles and selective polymers
  • 26:51 – Kenta Iitani: Screening diabetes mellitus through monitoring lipid metabolism by measuring and imaging breath acetone using bio-fluorometric gas sensors
  • 31:47 – Wout Duthoo: A fast point-of-care test for infectious diseases based on aerosol capturing

You can find links to all the posters and poster abstracts on our Commnity pages.

The winners of this year’s Poster Prize were Wout Duthoo, from imec, who presented his work on ‘A fast point-of-care test for infectious diseases based on aerosol capturing‘ in this session and Brett Hoskins, from Johns Hopkins University, who presented his work on ‘C-sucrose breath test: Are we ready for point of care testing yet?‘ in the other poster session.

The recording of the second Poster Session from #BBCon22 is also available to watch online.

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