Non-invasive Functional Assessment of the Microbiome from Exhaled Breath

A webinar exploring the use of non-invasive breath biomarkers originating from the microbiome

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This on-demand webinar for researchers interested in exploring the use of non-invasive breath biomarkers in relation to the microbiome and anyone with an interest in learning more about breath research.

This webinar covers an introduction to Owlstone Medical, the Breath Biopsy® OMNI® platform and the advantages of breath analysis, before moving onto the compounds on breath originating from the microbiome with Elizabeth Crone, Head of Business Development, Research Products & Services. To conclude this webinar Rob Mohney, Head of Clinical Biomarker Services, was joined by Anthony Hobson, Clinical Director at the Functional Gut Clinic to explore a number of case studies within the space and the possibilities of at home breath collection and analysis.


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