Panel Discussion at the 2020 Breath Biopsy Conference

Discussion (1 hour) - Why is it important for breath research to understand the biological origins of VOCs?

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Billy Boyle, Owlstone Medical


Marc van der Schee, Owlstone Medical
Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto, University of Liege
Terence Risby, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Rianne Fijten, Maastricht University

0:00 Welcome to the Breath Biopsy Conference Panel Discussion
0:20 Introduction from Billy Boyle
2:20 Panelists Introduction
4:05 How well do we currently understand the biological origins of VOCs?
14:46 Do you think we should focus on understanding a particular pathway using specific probes, or should we do more discovery-base studies?
23:05 To what extent should we use in-vitro and ex-vivo data to identify and confirm the origins of VOCs in breath?
29:42 How do other sample types (blood, urine, etc) play a role in understanding VOCs and their biological origin?
35:00 To what extent are VOCs related to microbiome? Do you view these as exogenous or endogenous? What are their potential applications?
40:14 Several VOCs have signaling roles in biology, do you think there could be others? Do you think VOCs could be deployed as a therapeutic?
44:57 Would the study of metabolic disorders help understand specific VOC pathways in-vivo?
47:52 How best to use analytical/sensor tools (spectrometry, e-nose) and at what point should you start thinking about using these tools within breath research?
56:00 What are the top tips the breath field can copy or adapt from adjacent fields?
1:01:46 Closing remarks from Billy Boyle

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