Poster Session at the 2020 Breath Biopsy Conference

Poster Session (50min)


Timecodes for the presentations:

0:00 – Intro

0:23 – Tom Linz ‘Microfluidic measurements of protein biomarkers from exhaled breath’

6:46 – Andreas Tsakalof ‘Comparison of target and non-target approaches in the breath analysis for
discrimination of lung cancer from other pulmonary diseases and healthy controls’

12:43 – Alp Kilic ‘Fabrication of semiconductor metal oxide based gas sensors for Breath Biopsy’

18:47 – Mohammad Sharif Khan ‘Breath biomarkers of insulin resistance in pre-diabetic hispanic adolescents with obesity’

24:20 – Graham Timmins ‘Towards rapid stable isotope breath test detection of inhalational tularemia’

25:21 – Danling Wang ‘Novel breath acetone sensor based on 1D/2D nanocomposite for diabetes prevention and monitoring’

30:44 – Daria Slefarska ‘The volatilomic signature of human gastric cancer cell lines (HGV-27 and CLS-145)’

35:59 – Donato Altomare ‘Chemical signature of colorectal cancer: case-control study for profiling the breath print’

41:02 – Robyn Larracy ‘Identification of lung cancer breath biomarkers using infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy’

45:47 – Bruce Johnson ‘Breath Biopsy of elite runners engaging in exhaustive exercise’

51:39 – Outro

You can find links to the posters and poster abstracts here

The winner of this year’s Poster Prize is Tom Linz, who presented his work on Microfluidic Measurements of Protein Biomarkers from Exhaled Breath

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