Thermo Fisher Scientific at BBCon 2023

Precision methods and higher throughput workflows using Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 software for VOC Atlas building


00:00 ‘Precision Methods and Higher Throughput Workflows using Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Software for VOC Atlas Building’
12:07 Question and Answer Session


Talk Abstract:

In the pursuit of constructing a quantitative Atlas of volatile organic compounds, through the analysis of customer studies, the pivotal components of precision methods and efficient data processing workflows are essential. This talk explores the development of new methodologies that facilitate the development of a comprehensive VOC Atlas, with an insight into the development of Owlstone’s new targeted/untargeted method and the utilisation of the Chromeleon v7.3.2 software upgrade. This upgraded software exhibits the capacity to process complex targeted panels with improved speed and efficiency.

The synergy between the new method and the upgraded Chromeleon software not only accelerates data processing but also ensures data quality, contributing to the construction of a more reliable and comprehensive Atlas. This presentation underscores the importance of these elements in Atlas building, offering practical insights used within OML for achieving improved analytical workflows.


Speaker Biography:

Tilly Woodland is a Senior Analytical R&D Scientist at Owlstone Medical, where she has worked for 4 years. Her academic background is in Analytical Chemistry, which she now uses to jointly lead the team responsible for developing the new targeted and untargeted method within Owlstone Medical’s Research Products and Services programme.



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